CE: G43 – MP44 Collectors Service
Brazilian G43 M954 in cal. 30-06

Approximately 300 prototypes built by Imbel in Brazil after the war. Essentially a German G/K43 with a strengthened bolt carrier, push button gas cut-off and improved gassystem. The gas cut-off was for use when firing rifle grenades. The stock was made of hardwood and used the same buttplate as the Brazilian M1954 Mauser. The sling attachments are also different compared to the German G43.
The magazine resembles the US BAR magazine with an added front lip. During the trial period it was quickly found under extensive fire, the bolt hammered the back of the receiver to such a degree the gun quit functioning, so it isn't recommend to shoot this rifle for safety reasons.
Little else is known about this program, and the Brazilian M954 remains one of the scarcest G43 variations in existence.