WTS: Parts for G/K43 etc.

Payment: Cash, PayPal (+ 4 %) or a check (+ 10 )
1 $ = 0.93 or 1 = 1.08 $.
PayPal and email address: claus@espeholt.dk
Wiretransfer is possible - also to send cash, but contact me first. I cannot take credit cards. Western Union is another but expensive way to pay. Money Gram isn't wanted.
IBAN: DK7230003206222239

MP44 / G43 parts
All parts are sold now - nothing left.  (I can refer you to a few addresses)


Guns for sale
It will be difficult to sell guns outside Denmark.

A Luger in a mint condition. Super rare. Cal. 7.65 with Mauser logo. Numbermatching and from 1941 - 16,000 DKK

A P38 in cal. .22 almost like new - 1900 DKK

G98 rifle
A G98 rifle with scope. The rifle is very fine and numbermatching. The scope is an early type, which might have been fitted to the rifle when the rifle was made - but it was done about 15 years ago - 3400 DKK

Small parts for ZF4
Distance rings, screws etc. (repro)

Safety for the .22 bolt (Einstecksystem)
60 incl. shipping, repro

Nazi coins 1939 - 1944
With eagles, 1 2 Reichsmark (in silver), 1, 5, 10 Pfenning - $ 15 + shipping

3 books - die Wehrmacht
All about 320 pages, the books appear almost unused $ 55 + shipping. Not the whole are pictures - there is much German text. I doubt if there was a 1943 eddition.

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